We partner with businesses and work with management teams to drive long-term, sustainable growth and value creation.

We are a private investor focused on making long-term, strategic investments in publicly traded and private companies.

Investment Approach

We have a concentrated investment portfolio and own stakes in businesses with strong growth potential where we feel we can add real value. We work alongside management and other stakeholders, always taking a long-term view because we believe long-term thinking is a prerequisite for growth. We focus on strong companies led by experienced management teams, generating stable cash flows and attractive dividend yield.

We seek to invest in high quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages and clear growth potential.

Investment Strategies

We provide bespoke structured capital solutions across a wide range of asset types and industries. We manage both evergreen and closed-end drawdown fund structures.

Private & Public Equity
  • Long/Short Equities
  • Private Equity
  • Special Situations
  • Merger Arbitrage
Real Assets
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Renewables

Investment Criteria

While each investment is unique, there are a number of common characteristics we look for in all our investments:

  • Strong long-term growth potential.
  • Well-established brands with strong, defensible market positions in sectors with low volatility.
  • Prudently managed businesses which generate sustainable cashflows and the potential for attractive dividend yield.
  • Experienced, motivated, and credible management teams focused on delivering sustainable, long-term growth.
  • A long-term outlook and openness to working collaboratively with shareholders to assess opportunities for organic and inorganic growth.

Core Values

We believe in the fundamentals. In the details. In doing things right, acting ethically and professionally and building from the ground up.

Management Principles
1We are an independent investment management firm committed to excellence in all that we do – our research and investments, service to investors, and operation of our business.
2Our highest priority is the best interests of our investors.
3Our economic interests are aligned with that of our investors. Our managing partners are substantial investors in each of our funds.
4We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of professional and personal conduct.
5We have a strong commitment to compliance that is part of the ethos of the firm.
6We value diversity. Diversity in thought, background and experience drives better outcomes.
7We believe in teamwork based on mutual respect.
8We are opportunistic and entrepreneurial investors with a disciplined investment process driven by in-depth research and rigorous risk management.
9Our firm rewards people based on merit. The strength and resilience of our people differentiate us and are our greatest assets.
10We are dedicated to maintaining an inclusive culture that values every person and fosters equity, empowerment and opportunity.