We are adviser to families and wealth creators. We manage and protect their wealth, often across several geographies and market cycles.

We are proudly independent, driven by innovation and focused on the unique needs of ultra-high-net-worth families, founders, entrepreneurs, family business owners, private equity partners and executives. Our integrated platform includes comprehensive wealth advisory services, along with direct access to institutional-quality private investments.

Family Office

Boutique Multi-Family Office

Our multi-family office helps unify your needs. Private wealth management, goals-based financial planning, private investment access, tax strategy, estate planning, liquidity and exit planning, trust services, private banking, philanthropic planning, family governance, and lifestyle concierge.

The office is at the heart of our service offering. It is designed to cover everything you would want from your own family office and a lot more. Family office can offer a hub of knowledge, experience and operational capability, which can support the requirements of the family across the whole range of their affairs, from long-term planning to routine transactions and administration.

Wealth Management

Managing Your Financial Life

We’re here to help coordinate all aspects of your financial life so you can focus on what’s most important to you. You can take comfort knowing that we have the time, attention, and expertise to address every dimension of managing your wealth — now and for generations to come. Managing private wealth is and always has been our one and only business.

Who We Serve

Private Clients

We see the management of family assets as a generational task. This is where the same principles and values apply as for traditional, family-run businesses. For many years our services have been available to other investors in addition to our main stakeholders. We are strictly independent of banks.

Our Clients
  • Ultra-High-Net-Worth & Multi-Gen Families
  • CEO Founders & Entrepreneurs
  • Pre-Liquidity & Next-Gen Innovators
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Partners
  • Professional Athletes

Institutional Investors

We have also been advising institutional investors, in particular pension funds and private investment funds. Institutional clients are advised by an experienced and well-rehearsed team: our employees have extensive pension fund and capital market expertise as well as extensive knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework for institutional clients. With our recommendations for action, you can react to all opportunities and risks in a timely and appropriate manner.